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Painted Brain | Why We Need Women’s Day: The Disparity Between Gender And Mental Illness
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • March 29, 2017

Why We Need Women’s Day: The Disparity Between Gender and Mental Illness

Did you know women are two times more likely to have common mental health disorders compared to men? Why Is that? Women’s second class status in society, violence against women, and the cultural  expectation for women to care for others have all be associated with this phenomenon. Less than 50 percent of people experiencing mental health issues seek out mental health services that can be directly linked to stigma. Women are even less likely to seek services because of gender stereotypes, sexism, and gender bias pervasive throughout mental health agencies and services provided.

At Painted Brain it is our mission to change the discussion around mental illness and eliminate stigma. We recognize that women have particular needs within communities to feel safe and heard. Patriarchal and sexist behaviors lead women to be re-traumatized over and over as well as shy away from participating in mental health communities because of fear and unwelcoming environments. We want to change that. We are a trauma-informed community and welcome women to come speak up, make art, and be heard. We now have a special day only for women to have a space where women will come together to heal together.

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