Our groups are facilitated using the psychosocial rehabilitation model through various mediums of art, music, and poetry.


Our Medi-Cal Peer Support Certification program offers peers an opportunity to be certified as a Peer Support Specialist in the 17 Core Competencies. Our other trainings cover Digital Health Literacy, Digital Security, and Social Media Marketing for nonprofits.

community Center

Check out the Painted Brain Community Center when visiting the West Los Angeles area where you can meet like-minded individuals living with mental health and trauma challenges engage in enriching activities, developing life-long friendships.


Have the Painted Brain team of peers support your agency in organizing an event which includes supporting with the technical setup, hosting/facilitating, and managing the administration end to ensure the planning, marketing, and execution is successful.


Leveraging the

Peer Support Model


Hire our speakers to share personal stories


Supporting the practical need of our community


Hire our team for your digital marketing needs

Individual Services


A boy and a woman sitting in the foregroundPainted Brain has a long-standing relationship with Conservation Corps and its Education Corps sites, recently expanding our partnership into Riverside County and Orange County. Painted Brain social work interns provide counseling and individual support to the young adult students of these schools, helping at-risk students begin to recover from trauma, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges.

Project New Start

Project New Start - member artworkPainted Brain social work interns are vital to the interdisciplinary team working with Project New Start participants. Painted Brain social worker interns provide Project New Start participants with individualized support by offering supplemental clinical counseling and clinical case management. Social work interns take a big role in modeling and fostering social connections through group services. Social worker interns assess each participant and determine if additional mental health treatment beyond that provided by Painted Brain is necessary. 

Occupational Therapy

The Painted Brain OT team, consisting of therapists and fieldwork students, offer individual sessions focusing on barriers and supports to mental health functioning. The OT team conducts assessments and creates specialized, individualized sessions to improve participation in activities of daily living, community involvement, leisure, rest, education, work and social participation.  The OT team also provides group sessions to cover common topics including money management, sensory strategies for mental health symptom management, social skills training, ergonomics, and time management.

Group Services

Art Groups with Partner Agencies

Painted Brain knows that art groups create a sense of community, and that isolation is one of the most significant impacts of mental illness.  When we bring art groups to our partner agencies, we are bringing hope, communication, creativity and participation to the clients or residents of that agency.  Painted Brain’s art activities in all mediums promote interaction, shared experience, social skills development and fun.  Painted Brain wants to see the clients of mental health agencies support each other, and art groups promote this development.

Alliance for Community Empowerment

Painted Brain’s social workers offer group services to community groups with a common need and interest. An example of is the series of grief support counseling and healing circles offered to the Alliance for Community Empowerment. PB social worker facilitated grief support groups with youthbuild students that had recently lost a beloved teacher and academic counselor.  In collaboration with a peer counselor the students where guided in 10 week workshop learning to using the arts as a tool to self express their grief. The culmination of this group was wonderful art show held in honor of the teacher and leader the ACE community had lost. 

OT Group Services

a group therapy session Concerned men comforting another in rehab group at a therapy session[/caption]Painted Brain’s occupational therapists offer group services to work on specific topics with both the adult and pediatric populations. Adult mental health group topics include social skills and loneliness, sensory strategies, money management, sleep routines, routine modification, ergonomics, time management, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Pediatric groups include support groups for parents and caregivers, social skills training, play groups, “Parent and Me” sensory class, pre-teen mental health group, and more.

Team Trainings

Tech training programs at homeless drop in centers. Tech training programs at homeless drop in centers.[/caption]Painted Brain knows how to work with people and we would be happy to share our knowledge and skills with your team. We can lead trainings for direct line staff and supervisors.  PB has led dozens of trainings on multiple topics: The Use of Technology in Mental Health, Having Difficult Conversations with Staff, Art Group Leadership, Utilizing One’s Own Life Experiences in Helping Others, Understanding Psychosis, Mental Health 101, Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships, and Effective Communication Strategies for Community Development.

Services for Sale

Individual OT for Adults

  • Sensory processing and arousal regulation strategies
  • executive functioning and cognitive training
  • Activities of daily living training to support independent living skills
  • community reintegration

Individual OT for Children

How Music Can Help KidsSensory integration

  • Fine motor and gross motor development
  • Cognitive support and accommodations
  • Parent education and home program development
  • Sleep hygiene
  • School-based therapy

OT Group Services

Organized Social Media Manager's Workstation

  • Lifestyle balance between self-care, sleep/rest, productivity, and play/leisure routines
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Social skills
  • Sensory processing and arousal regulation
  • Support groups for parents and caregivers
  • Play groups for children
  • “Parent and Me” classes
  • Pre-teen mental health group

OT Consultation Services for Schools

Apple, books, and pencil on desk

  • Direct services including individualized strategies to improve sensory processing, fine motor development, and social skills
  • Presentations and in-services for school staff including information about developmental disorders and strategies to improve accessibility
  • Program development, including school-wide resources such as multisensory environments and groups

Art Groups

gather for good zen garden art tablePainted Brain’s team is available for hire to lead art groups for your agency, clients, events, or treatment centers.  Painted Brain can provide a skilled activity leader in just about any artistic medium, from painting to poetry to music to acting to industrial arts. We can also lead activities at just about any scale from a small group of five people to a room full of hundreds.  

Why It Is Imperative To Choose An Organization Focused On Social Enterprise

Mental health and homelessness issues can hinder an individual from learning new skills; preventing them from being able to secure a job and earn a sustainable living. By hiring us you’re powering our workforce development program; supporting our community in the reintegration into society and the workforce. Our mental health climate makes it harder for individuals to sustain a financially sound lifestyle and it is important for us as a society to be held accountable and make wise decisions that can reflect a healthier socioeconomic balance.

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This Peer Tech art was created by a member of Painted Brain's artistic community

Our Tech Vision

CodiePie envisions that all individuals living with mental health challenges, homelessness, and adversities that may hinder acquiring new job skills and a secured job will have the opportunity to experience recovery while learning technical skills for positions in tech.

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