Nyla Christian

Board Member

Board Of Directors

Nyla Christian is a Professional Interventionist & Recovery Development Consultant, working to provide a community voice on women’s empowerment issues related to substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery. She is a Nationally Certified Life Recovery Coach and the founder of Life Inspired Empowerment & Development, focusing on behavioral health and wellness programming. Certified as Peer Recovery Support Specialist & Advocate, Nyla guides stakeholders in building community-based supportive services programming and has been appointed to the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration as a Minority Fellowship Advocate. She has served as the Lead of City of Las Vegas Mayor’s Faith Initiative Addiction & Recovery Task Force as well as a member of the Board of Directors for the P.A.C.T. Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (Prevention, Advocacy, Choices & Teamwork). She is also is a Member of the Board of Directors for Southern Nevada’s Vegas Stronger Coalition, and The Painted Brain in Los Angeles, CA.

Nyla is an Inspirational Speaker in the women’s empowerment space creating a supportive and diverse lifebridge network for women trapped in negative cycles through coaching, training, education, stigma reduction, awareness, and advocacy.

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