Team Member


Tristan Scremin was born in Rosario, Argentina and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He currently lives and writes and makes art in Los Angeles Ca. Art and writing are a big part of Tristan’s life. He feels creativity is the primary healer of humanity. He has lived with and through the diagnosis of schizophrenia for the majority of his adult life. He has done a grand tour of the mental health system including court-ordered confinement and living in board and care homes as well as two state hospital tours. He does not wish to shut the door on his past. Rather he prefers to see it as a useful tool for understanding the world and others who might have similar struggles.

Currently, Tristan is the Community Liaison at Painted Brain. His goal for the year is to further develop the Painted Brain community by engaging with other community stakeholders and promoting mental health.

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