Kevin Naruse

Technology and Media  Director

Bio: Kevin Naruse is the Media and Technology Director for Painted Brain and also the chief editor for Painted Brain’s blog ( )

Kevin’s passion is helping people realize the power of “digital” to amplify “human cooperation” with open, transparent, agile teams leveraging social networking and creating”digital change agents”.

During his 5 years on the job, Kevin gained solid expertise building organic engagement and dynamic brand presences with social selling “hacks”, copywriting, SEO, re-targeting, and data-driven analytics; as a social media manager at Painted Brain. He grew the social media following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest by nearly 100,000 total combined followers; and the company website and blog now averaging 700,000 monthly views.

Starting in 2019 as Communications Director – Kevin began supporting business development and donor cultivation through social media outreach, fllowing with four grant applications, of which two were successfully awarded (bringing in a total of $70,000) in addition to winning a Google Ad grant.

On his time off he an advocate for Net Neutrality, a fan of Sun Tzu’s book “The Art of War“, a gym and “expresso junkie“, daily meditator, yoga practitioner, and a kickboxing enthusiast.

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