Media Internships at Painted Brain

Who We Are

Painted Brain is a nonprofit organization that has been serving the community for a decade. Our mission is to build lasting community-based solutions to mental health challenges and the effects of social injustice through the arts, advocacy, social enterprise, and non-traditional media. We have started to create a positive change within our community, but we are yearning to do more.

Do you want to be a part of that change?

Why Should You Partner With Us?

Mental health is often overlooked in our society due to its stigma. Painted Brain uses our vibrant voices to cause a ripple of social change by speaking about mental illnesses- hoping to drive a more normalized conversation about mental health.

We have been granted the status of an independent nonprofit organization 501(c)3. Since then, we have expanded: we moved our headquarters to Pico and Fairfax, we received a grant from Step Up on Second to fund a tech training program, and we are cultivating new workshops to transitional centers for the youth. Our programs (which began as art groups) have expanded over the years to include workshops for creative writing, blogging, poetry, photojournalism, WordPress, Etsy for Aspiring Artists, coding, peer leadership, and more. These new and exciting opportunities are fundamentally why we want to expand our creative team.

Who We Are Looking For

Our team comprises highly motivated, compassionate, driven, and down-to-earth people. We take pride in helping our community change the stigma of mental illness by putting our best efforts into everything we do. Painted Brain is looking for people who are open-minded, dedicated, and willing to learn. As a Media Intern, some of the skills we want are:

  • Online fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns
  • Excel (using pivot charts)
  • Experience using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn
  • Graphic design: Photoshop Illustrator and Canva
  • Google Adwords and Analytics
  • Proficiency in Google Drive including Docs, Spreadsheet, and Slides.
  • Blogging and copywriting experience
  • Video editing
  • Web design and development, including WordPress
  • Maintaining a newly created podcast channel on “Stigma, Synergy, and Culture”
  • Managing a PR or press team
  • Assembling a training manual and onboarding documentation for Painted Brain new hires.
  • Weekly blogger on a newly created “Digital Advocacy and MH” column.
  • Experience using MailChimp, and managing an email newsletter campaign.

If you have some or all of these skills, check out the positions we need to fill!

Positions Available

The media (print and digital) is a strong, prominent utensil we are tackling to reach a wider audience about our mission. Therefore, Painted Brain offers a variety of internship positions. The positions below highlight some of the tasks each job entails. Tasks are listed but can be subject to change according to the pace of our projects.

  • Web editor:
    • Copy edit blog posts from other interns
    • Write blog posts on occasion
    • Draft, author, and edit press releases
    • Use Search Engine Optimization
    • Knowledge of Google AdWords
    • Update the page whenever there is press coverage appropriate to display.
  • Podcast Production intern
    • Maintain and regularly post podcasts with members of our community. Subjects may be interns, staff, or any contributor who is willing to give permission.
    • Create a list and schedule of topics to discuss.
    • Construct a list of questions needed to interview.
    • The intern will take the initiative and maintain a bi-weekly podcast series throughout their internship.
  • Business development intern
    • Use techniques of social selling – leverage LinkedIn and Twitter to outreach with, establish connections, and acquire new clients.
    • Maintain the company’s LinkedIn account, responding to messages, comments, and 
    • Support the development team’s efforts by building engagement with donors, foundations, press contacts, and clients to develop and maintain connections.
    • Networking with and maintaining a database of local press contacts.
  • Video Production Intern
    • Create and maintain a Snapchat profile for Painted Brain to showcase happenings at our local events and at our community centers
    • Maintain a gallery of photos and videos for our website events page.
    • Liaise with and collect all event content to repurpose it into Youtube posts, Instagram TV, and other digital platforms including our website.
  • Public relations intern
    • liaise with local media outlets including radio stations, newspapers (including the LA Times and LA Weekly, and major publications, including the Huffington Post to get coverage for Painted Brain.
    • Send one or more of our press releases to local media outlets at the appropriate times and follow up to get their attention and interest.
    • Schedule and follow up with any press appointments or photo opportunities with the local press.
    • Use social selling to build relationships with news organizations
  • Social Media Intern:
    • Work with the social media manager to handle various aspects of social community management via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
    • Curate content, edit social media postings, and use pop culture to deliver our message.
    • Use social media analytics for research and development
    • Support our relationships with the public by responding to comments in a timely manner
    • Use digital marketing to get our mission, events, and voice to the community
  • Social Media Community Management Intern
    • Support our relationships with the public by responding to comments in a timely manner
    • Keeping track of and maintaining relationships proactively using online channels.
    • Building relationships online with potential partners and funding sources.
    • Boost organic engagement by liking, commenting, and responding to direct messages.
    • Attracting influencer support in boosting the visibility of PB’s brand and programs
  • Social Media and Workforce Development Intern
    • A “hybrid” role of art group assistant and technical support for content contributors from the community with basic computer skills,
    • Working within the art or activity space building online community engagement
  • A peer technical leader facilitating
    • a weekly Podcasting group
    • a weekly Video production group

Benefits Of Interning At Painted Brain:

At Painted Brain, we believe in working together to construct social change. Therefore, our workplace is highly collaborative with experiential learning. We seek great ideas from the freedom of our brains, so each member has a wide range of free thinking and independence.

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