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Audience - Partners

With a focus on community development, arts programming and advocacy, Painted Brain has partnered with dozens of local mental health agencies to help them conceptualize, design, and implement projects, special events, trainings and system development to integrate these concepts into new and existing projects.


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Your clients are already receiving services, but you want to do more to aid recovery and integration.

Turn your clients from service recipients to active participants in their own recovery and the recovery of others.

Impacts on our Health and Well-Being

A famous study of support groups for women with breast cancer actually documented the extension of longevity for participants, in addition to increased coping and decreased isolation. The benefits of a support group are also directly linked to the extent to which members share about their own experiences.

Examples of Painted Brain’s work in Customized Programming:

Targeted trainings to help staff communicate more effectively with clients and employees.

Mental health advocacy in the workplace
Art Show at SAITO High School - Making Sense of It All

Developing art events for a local continuation high school.

Saito High School, 2023

Bringing a mental health lens to an art opening at a local art gallery.

David Byrd Art Experience Graphic.
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Designing and implementing community development programming at housing sites and outpatient centers

Let's Work Together

Let us help you by setting up a meeting with our development team.

We can consult and offer feedback and plenty of new ideas.

We can also implement programming for your team directly on site at your agency, housing site, drop-in center or in the community.

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