It is impossible to avoid stress completely. Controlled stress can also be a great motivator. But excessive stress is an out-and-out killer. It wreaks havoc on every bit of the human body, weakening the immune system, damaging the digestive system, and straining the cardiovascular system. Too much stress takes us closer to anxiety, depression, and, eventually, death. 

Education, unfortunately, is one of the most prominent sources of excessive stress. We have all heard about it and experienced it. Assignments and exams are the leading reasons behind academic stress. If not tacked tactfully, such stress can become extremely detrimental for pupils. 

Fret not, as, one of the USA’s biggest online assignment help services, brings you a handful of stress-busting tips this assignment season. Read on and take note. 

Effective Tips to Manage Assignment & Exam Stress

There may be many reasons behind continual stress during assignment season. Some of the most common reasons are generally.

  1. Narrow Submission Deadlines 
  2. Excessive Peer Pressure
  3. Too Much Competition 
  4. Poor Preparation 
  5. Poor Time Management
  6. Substantially Tough Topics
  7. Socio-Economic Difficulties
  8. Learning Difficulties
  9. Personal and Family Problems
  10. Unrealistic Expectations 
  11. Psychological Disorders
  12. Detrimental Consequences of Poor Work Ethics

In most cases, the above combine to create overwhelming mental stress. And exam and assignment seasons are when they start making their presence known. If you, too, are bogged down by excessive stress due to your assignments, try to imbibe the following stress-busting tips. 

  • Create a Proper Strategy

Planning is crucial to success. Chalk out a proper studying strategy and delegate specific time limits to each task. Think about how much time you need for research, how much time you need to audit & collate necessary information, and the time to write, edit & proofread. 

Engage in active recall and spaced repetition to spread your studies and reduce excessive pressure. 

  • Study with Friends

Get together with friends when preparing and writing your assignments. Discussions and group studying can be very beneficial if you are behind on preparation or struggling with tough concepts. 

  • Break it Down

Break down the entire assignment development process into small, manageable tasks. You will find the theme a lot easier to complete. Look for the most challenging, complex, and/or time-consuming task and determine how best to divide it into smaller sub-tasks. 

  • Finish tasks that can be completed quickly early on.  
  • Delegate a substantial amount of time to research and data collection.
  • Try to incorporate the Pomodoro technique when working on assignments.
  • Choose a sub-task that you need to work on urgently.
  • Set the timer between 15 and 25 minutes. Determine the time limit for doing the sub-task in short, repetitive patterns. Avoid time frames of more than 30 minutes. 
  • When the timer goes off, take a break. Stretch yourself, eat something, drink water, walk, or relax. Ensure your breaks are not more than 6 minutes.
  • Get back to work and repeat this cycle five times.

After the fifth cycle, take a longer break of 20 to 30 minutes. This calms your brain, allows it to process & imbibe all information, and energizes you. 

  • Manage Time Well

Assess your situation. Think of all things that require immediate attention and prioritize them. You will have other work to do besides assignments. If they are not as urgent, prioritize finishing your assignments over everything else. 

  • Set realistic goals. Never think you can finish researching, writing, editing, and proofreading a 2500-word essay in a single day. Instead, break down the entire thing and think carefully about how much to allocate. 
  • Time management is not just about finishing your assignments. You need time for other work, so plan and allocate time accordingly. And try to focus on assignments and study more during assignment & exam season. Cut back on 

socializing, gaming, binge-watching, and the like. 

  • Just ensure not to cut back on sleep, meals, and exercise. A healthy mind and body are essential for excelling in academics.

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  • Be Tactful 

You may not find enough time to take care of every aspect of an assignment properly. In such cases, use your head and study tactfully to minimize the potential damage. 

For example, if you have enough lecture notes on the topic or concept of the assignment, use them effectively. Use them with your books to gather the necessary data for your assignments. 

  • Keep Things in Perspective

Stay focused on your goals, and beware of your circumstances. Assignments are temporary, but the things you get to learn are permanent. Stress yourself enough to become motivated, but do not go overboard.

Target A+ in assignments that you are sure of excelling. And accept a B+ or B for the ones you couldn’t finish as best as you could. Focus on acing them next time. And, while you should give your best for every assignment, prioritize subjects that you aim to make a career out of, especially if you are in high school. 

  • Stay Healthy

Take regular breaks between studying. Schedule rewards and some downtime as you are studying. Be it a short six-minute break or a long-minute rest, spend some time away from books and laptops to refresh your mind. It will leave you relaxed for your next round of studying.

Eat healthy, sleep for at least 6 hours, and try to find time to work out. You will feel rejuvenated and invigorated. Exercising, walking, jogging, running, and any physical activity are amazing stressbusters. 

  • Listen to Music

Music soothes the mind and releases anti-stress hormones. Listen to your favorite tunes to keep calm, reduce anxiety & stress, and improve your mood. Listen to relaxing songs instead of heavy stuff like thrash, death, punk, or black metal!

  • Be Your Own Competition

Forget others what you are saying. Stop caring too much about how others are performing. Instead, concentrate on making yourself better and better with each passing day. If you have scored low today, prepare to score better than everybody else next time. 

Be positive and confident. Keep calm and study intelligently. And follow the above stressbusting tips and work with integrity. Success is bound to arrive.

Well, that’s about for this write-up. Hope it was a good read for everyone. All the best!

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