Pink Lotus Pictures and Painted Brain are seeking talent for the following roles in their Short Film for the CBS Leadership Pipeline Challenge!


MILES (African American Male, 20s – 30s)

Despite being fairly young, MILES has had a tough life. He suffers from Depression and having been recently released from his latest prison stint, he is currently homeless. He generally feels pretty hopeless, like he has nothing to offer society, but during the film, he discovers a sense of community/purpose through Painting and Singing. MUST BE ABLE TO SING. LEAD.

JONATHAN (BIPOC Male, 30 – 40s)

A positive peer with a mental illness, like MILES. He works with Painted Brain and is in charge of the Art Cart in the park. He encourages MILES to explore his artistic potential and gives him hope for a future full of color with Painted Brain. MUST BE ABLE TO SING. LEAD.

PARK PATRONS (Any Ethnicity & Gender, 18yo+)

People enjoying the great outdoors and participating in the art projects provided by the Painted Brain Art Cart. We need:

  • Joggers (2)
  • Picnic Couple (2)
  • College Students (2)
  • Art Cart Participants (3)

Shoot Date(s): Friday, June 17th

Shoot Location: TBD Park in Los Angeles, CA *


***This Project is subject to the SAG-AGTRA Micro-Budget Agreement***

To submit, please find sides & instructions for a self-tape at:

***It is free to create an account!***

This production has been designated as a Mandatory Vaccination production pursuant to the terms of the July 2021 industry Return to Work Agreement.

We are committed to progressive, inclusive Casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers without regard to disability, gender, race, ethnicity, age, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other basis prohibited by law unless otherwise specifically indicated.





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