The Oxford Dictionary defines gratitude as being grateful or wanting to thank somebody. But the question arises how do you reach that level of gratefulness and incorporate gratitude habits in your life? 

This article is going to provide you with a 7-day blueprint with some morning gratitude habits that can lead you to a journey of thankfulness.    

Blueprint to Gratitude 

 Before delving into the 7 days blueprint to thankfulness, we must understand what gratitude is and how to practice gratitude every morning. According to the law of attraction, a person of a certain nature tends to attract a person of similar nature.  

Similarly, if you practice gratitude for your present conditions, you are bound to attract similar conditions for which you can be grateful. These 7 days blueprint features some steps that you can adopt in your daily morning habits to practice gratitude. 

Jogging for Gratitude

Reaching a level of gratitude involves choosing an open perspective to mindfulness and experiencing new ways to be thankful for your life.  

Walking or brisk jogging can be an excellent way to combine both physical and mental health. Taking a peaceful stroll at a brisk pace while appreciating the wilderness and paying attention to the surrounding details can greatly help you relax and improve your mental health. 

Physical activity also helps to improve your overall physical health, as studies have shown that physical health is directly responsible for the betterment of your psyche. 

Write to Win

 It is said that words can heal you from within. Positive words can act as daily reaffirmation and help you in the darkest of times. You should start your day by writing a list of things you are thankful for. This practice helps you to be receptive and grateful while cultivating an air of positivity. 

Appreciate People in Your Life

Try to appreciate at least 3 people daily. This practice may seem unusual to others, but when you appreciate a person, it increases their self-worth and encourages them to radiate this positive energy to others.  

You could appreciate these people either verbally or through written notes. Thank them for their good deeds and reminisce about your shared relationship and achievements.  

Set A Thankful Reminder

Arrange a daily schedule to appreciate your surroundings and notice even the most common and boresome details. Utilize this time to negate any negative thoughts and replace them with a positive appreciation for your present condition. 

Repeat to Reassure

Write down a reassuring affirmation or phrase and repeat that phrase to yourself. You are your biggest motivator, so repeating an affirming phrase again and again is going to spark joy and gratitude and remind you of the positives of your life. 

This daily practice of gratitude affirmation can help you feel more relaxed and grounded. 

Gratitude Jar

A fun and exciting way to practice gratitude is by creating a gratitude jar. Human psyches are positively reinforced by healthy competition or a collection of daily achievements. 

Write down every moment of gratitude you experience on a sticky note or a slip of paper. Once your jar is filled with joyous and gratitude filled moments, you can reflect on the progress that you have made over time. 

Gratitude Token

In the modern world, more than physical stress, mental stress is the dominating factor that affects most people. Gratitude appreciation helps to reduce mental stress and a physical gratitude token can improve your daily gratitude practice. 

Even a small token like a dice or heart-shaped pendant can instantly remind you to take a moment and reflect back on everything. This practice can help you, especially in instances of extreme stress or overwhelming feelings. 

Appreciate Even the Most Basic Blessings

We often overlook the most basic blessings that we encounter in our lives. It can be as simple as the realization of daily essentials that may be considered luxuries for some. You should practice gratitude by acknowledging aspects of life that many people take for granted.  

Around 2.2 billion people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water. Remember that many people do not have sufficient food or proper shelter. Therefore, be thankful that you do not have to worry about safe food, water, or a roof over your head. 

When you take these facts into consideration, you realize that you are far better off than most people in the world. You should celebrate these simple blessings and feel gratitude for your life.   


Gratitude is not just about thanking people for the sake of appreciation; it is about reflecting back on your life and, more importantly, being thankful to yourself for enduring all the ups and downs of life. 

By practicing these morning gratitude habits daily, you suspend all your negative thoughts and embrace a healthier lifestyle with positive mindfulness. 


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