The holy city of Medina is closely linked with Islamic history. This city was home to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) after he left his birth city, Mecca. Medina now has the tomb of the Holy Prophet (SAW), too, which makes it quite a significant town for believers in Islam. You must ensure that you learn the region’s history while exploring the historical sites of Medina. 

Pilgrims travel to Medina to pay their respects to the Holy Prophet (SAW) and learn more about his life and Islam through different historical places. Medina has the fourth largest population in the Kingdom and has beautiful houses and religious and tourist sites. 

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Exploring the Historical Sites of Medina

Here are some of the historical sites of Medina that you must visit during your stay in this sacred city. 

  • Masjid an-Nabwi 

Masjid an-Nabwi is one of the holiest sites in Islam. This is the location of the tomb of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and two of his close companions. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) built this mosque after migrating from Mecca to Medina. 

Muslims recognise this mosque by its beautiful green dome, which is a symbol of representation for this mosque for all Muslims around the globe. 

Therefore, pilgrims like to go to this sacred mosque when they arrive in Medina. Pilgrims try to pray the maximum prayers in the mosque because of the additional rewards and blessings.

  • Jannat al-Baqi

This cemetery is one of the most popular historical sites in the sacred city of Medina. It is among the first cemeteries in the city. Islamic history states that the Holy Prophet (SAW) chose this place for the cemetery. 

It contains the graves of many known personalities in the history of Islam. There are graves of many Islamic scholars, relatives of the Holy Prophet (SAW), and his companions in this cemetery. 

The first person buried in this cemetery was an Ansari companion of the Holy Prophet (SAW). His name was Al-Baqi, hence the name of the cemetery. You can visit this mosque between Fajar and Asar prayers. 

  • Mount Uhud 

While exploring the historical sites of Medina, you must not miss out on this popular battlefield in the region. Mount Uhud is the site of a famous battle in Islam. 

In this battle, Muslims fought against the Quraysh of Mecca under the Holy Prophet’s (SAW) leadership. 

There is a cemetery near the battleground. It’s the place of burial of the martyrs of the battle. Most Muslims like to visit this historical site for its close association with the prominent historical event. 

  • Quba Mosque

According to Islamic history, the Quba Mosque was the first mosque in the world. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) visited this mosque when he migrated from Mecca to Medina. 

He stayed in the mosque while waiting for Hazrat Ali (RA) to arrive in Medina. History states that he remained in the mosque for around 14 years. 

It is one of the most spacious mosques in Medina. Therefore, many Muslims visit it during their visit to Medina. Huge crowds of worshippers pray in the Quba at every daily prayer. Consequently, it is a must-visit historical site if you are in the sacred city of Medina. 

  • Masjid al-Qiblatayn 

Another site closely linked with the Islamic history in Medina is Masjid al-Qiblatayn. This is where Allah Almighty demanded the Holy Prophet (SAW) to change the Qibla of Muslims from Jerusalem to Mecca. 

Qibla is the direction in which Muslims from around the world pray. Masjid al-Qiblatayn is among a few mosques that have two Minbars. 

Therefore, it was a significant historical event in Islam. This is what makes this mosque a must-visit place if you are exploring the historical sites of Medina. 

  • Ethq Well

Ethq well is another historical site in Medina. This is the well where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) rested and drank water with his companion Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) when he first visited Medina after migrating. 

The ideal time to visit this well is during the daytime. So, suppose you want to learn more about Prophet (SAW)’s migration from Mecca to Medina. In that case, you should surely try to visit this historical site. It gives you an insight into the whole journey of the Holy Prophet (SAW). 


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There are many other historical places in Medina besides the few mentioned above. So, make sure that you visit the majority of these sites. 


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