It is normal for human beings to feel drained, low on energy, and fatigued every now and then. Most of the time, all you need to do to regain your energy is have a good meal, take a bath, and sleep. You wake up feeling fresh and recharged.

But sometimes the burnout is extreme and somehow inescapable. The fatigue gets too overwhelming that you become highly irritable and sometimes lose concentration and interest in some of the things that matter the most in your life. Some people will even develop a pessimistic mindset when fatigued and start neglecting their duties with total disregard for any consequences.

With this in mind, if you are feeling drained, how do you recharge your mind and body before the situation gets out of hand?

If you experience unwavering tiredness rather too often, that could be a sign of a weakened immune system and/or heightened mental health problems. It is a good idea to consult your doctor or any other health & fitness professional just in case there is an underlying medical condition that you need to address. You can also get ahead of burnout and fatigue by recharging yourself regularly, both physically and mentally, using these 10 tips:



This will forever be the cardinal truth of physical and mental wellness: Do an honest day’s work and then rest. It is okay to push your limits a little, but you must always remember that you can’t do it all. You cannot be perfect at everything. Most importantly, always remember that you are not invincible.

If you lose your mind or kill yourself trying to impress your bosses or clients, they will quickly replace you with someone else. Your rest is the most important thing you can do for your mind.

Get a good night’s sleep every day, take regular breaks during the workday, chat with colleagues, go on a vacation, and spend quality time with family and friends.



Don’t rest too much and forget to move your body. Inadequate physical exercise can lead to poor sleeping and eating patterns, which can then lead to bigger problems such as diabetes and obesity. These are health conditions largely associated with fatigue and tiredness.

Exercising also triggers the human body to generate and release more happy hormones, e.g. endorphins. You are able to do more for less energy when happy- you are even a lot more creative when happy.

Working out also improves your overall brain function and information processing capacity.


Eat well

Choose healthy, whole foods over fast foods, processed foods, and canned foods. On top of recharging your body after a hectic day, whole foods give you the much-needed energy to complete your workday duties with ease. It is, therefore, important to learn to cook for yourself so that you don’t fall into the trap of feeding your body convenience and unhealthy foods. But if you don’t have time to cook or you truly feel too drained, you can always purchase from a meal kit service that can do it for you. For example, Factor offers the delivery of vegan meal kits to customers all across the US. The best part? You can stick their meals in the oven or microwave for a quick meal!

Choose YOU!

Your peace of mind and physical health should come first always. To choose you:

–          Set boundaries. Don’t allow people to step all over you, whether at work or at home. You owe nobody any favors, so don’t give favors that you know will cost you your peace of mind.

–          Know your limits so that you don’t end up spreading yourself too thin. Don’t overcommit because you will only be setting yourself up for failure.

–          Always create time in your life for fun, love, and laughter!

–          Practice mindfulness and self-compassion.

–          Take a digital detox by signing out from social media. Don’t feed your mind and soul with too much trash from social media- trash from people you probably don’t know and will never meet. Or choose which people should be on your feed –  your digital circle and get more positive energy.

–          End destructive relationships.

–          Stay away from celebrities, notably politicians, actors, musicians, and royals. Getting too close only gets you entangled in their drama, unknowingly and indirectly.

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Pursue a new hobby

No matter how much you like your job and your family, dedicating too much time to them can be draining. It is actually naïve to expect your family or your job to pleasure you and keep you happy all the time. You need to diversify and have more options in life. Find new hobbies that make you happy.

Find a new hobby that keeps you sharp, creative, and physically fit. Most importantly, find a hobby that creates new revenue streams for you. All these will help you connect with your soul a lot better, plus they will have a therapeutic effect on your mind and body.


Go on a vacation

There is extreme pressure in being monotonous. That is why you should dedicate a few weeks in a year to go out on vacation, unplug from your normal life, try new outdoor activities, eat new foods, meet new people & make new friends, and see the world with a new set of eyes. It’s crucial to be well-prepared while traveling, and the simplest way to do that is through cheap travel insurance.

Although a change of scenery can help the mind and body in a big way, you need to be deliberate about pampering yourself when on vacation. Go out of your way to renew your optimism, gain a sense of renewal, and brighten your outlook on life by going to a hair salon. You know how a haircut leaves you feeling like a million dollars. 

When on vacation, it is important to take a path of personal rediscovery, health, and healing. Learn guided meditation, visit yoga studios, and spend time on quiet parks & beaches in order to soothe your body, de-stress, and refresh your mind. Remember to switch off your phone and other tech devices in order to prevent emails, text messages, phone calls, and other disruptions from ruining your peace when on vacation!


Forgive, love, and give back

Forgiving unconditionally is the ultimate form of self-care. It prevents you from giving people who hurt you too much power over you. Learn to forgive, let go of grudges, create renewed hope in the future, and move on with your life. Don’t hold on to anger, hatred, or sadness for too long- these heavy emotional burdens only destroy your mind and body. 

Giving back to the less fortunate is another way of regaining the power that you might have unknowingly donated to undeserving people. It reminds you that no matter how hurt or broken you feel, no matter what you’re going through, you still are doing better than so many people. Helping people also gives you a strong sense of accomplishment and power, and that is good for your mental health.

Lastly, learn to love and nurture healthy relationships. Your mind will be at ease knowing that as much as you have haters in your life, you also have a strong social buffer that you can fall on when pushed to the corner. And if you are in a romantic relationship, have a lot of sex to increase feel-good hormones in your body.

Final word

With the myriad of responsibilities in your life, you just cannot run away from stress and fatigue. You will feel drained no matter how careful you are not to. What is important is to always take a step back and recharge whenever you start feeling the fatigue sneaking up on you. That is how you will lead a peaceful, healthy life.

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