How often have you been told: to pretend to be something until you achieve it? In many cases, significant signs of mental illness are ignored and wrongly labeled as laziness or seeking attention. Only recently, people are starting to acknowledge the significance of mental health. Therefore, we can anticipate becoming more proficient in recognizing when to assist ourselves and others.

However, finding mental health centers offering affordable and high-quality services is difficult. Unlike the best essay writing services, searching for mental health resources online can be more challenging than expected. Mental illnesses are still subjected to social stigma. Often, you have to seek recommendations from friends and rely on word-of-mouth marketing.

Before we introduce the top-notch online mental health assistance resources, there are a few factors to consider.

  • Have faith in your abilities. When you sense that you require assistance, it indicates that you must initiate action. Avoid dismissing the challenges you face. Support is available, and your worries are legitimate.
  • Don’t lose hope after your initial negative encounter. There may be instances where the initial source cannot provide your answers. Finding the appropriate expert and type of therapy to assist you is a process.
  • Discuss your worries with someone you trust. Remember, you have support throughout this journey.
  • If you are searching for resources for your friend, it is important to be considerate and assist them.

American Psychological Association (APA)


If you’ve been learning about referencing styles, you’ve probably come across APA. APA is the United States’ largest association of psychologists, and it includes databases filled with studies that can benefit specialists and students.

Simultaneously, the APA offers an assortment of mental health brochures for self-assistance. In addition, it provides a crisis helpline and resources tailored to meet individual needs. What sets the APA website apart as the leading and most beneficial resource? It includes a directory of offline mental health professionals available nearby.



ULifeline is a valuable online tool that provides assistance specifically for college and university students. This platform offers informative fact sheets on common challenges young people, including adults, face. It also offers self-assessment tools to help individuals gauge their well-being. Additionally, ULifeline provides guidance on recognizing when friends need support and offers resources for wellness and self-help.

This platform is a valuable resource for individuals experiencing anxiety, stress, or depression. It is a fully accessible online center that provides assistance free of charge and with complete anonymity and confidentiality. ULifeline also offers a wide range of useful resources on different subjects, including guidance on finding a therapist who can provide support.



AbleTo is an internet-based platform that offers virtual therapy and programs for emotional support. The AbleTo community consists of qualified and skilled therapists and coaches who are available for connection through phone calls and video chats. The therapeutic approach utilized by AbleTo is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). If you are struggling with feelings of depression, stress, or anxiety, this platform can provide relief from psychological burdens.

AbleTo provides sophisticated analytics tools that enable you to establish objectives and monitor your advancements with the assistance of a specialist. Your journey would be tailored to your specific needs and priorities.



MoodGym is an online self-help platform developed by the Australian National University for students dealing with depression and anxiety. It is available at a cost of $25 per year and offers interactive modules that need to be completed in a specific order. Users receive constructive feedback based on their performance by participating in exercises and quizzes.

Upon signing up on MoodGym, you will receive a workbook containing additional self-help exercises you can refer to whenever necessary. This resource benefits individuals who are not in a crisis but require support in managing their behavior and mood.

Online Mental Health Screening


The Online Mental Health Screening website provides a valuable resource for individuals seeking self-help and support for their loved ones. Users can anonymously assess their issues and determine if therapy is needed. This website is beneficial because it explains the challenges they may be experiencing and provides guidance and self-help resources. Furthermore, it offers recommendations for individuals seeking assistance.

MindWise Innovations, the independent company that offers consulting and support to various organizations nationwide, is responsible for providing the platform. Additionally, it also provides prompt aid during times of crisis.

The Jed Foundation


Established in the year 2000, The Jed Foundation is a not-for-profit entity that collaborates with adolescents and young individuals, aiming to raise consciousness and safeguard the emotional well-being of this population. Additionally, the foundation dedicates efforts to preventing suicides.

The organization offers free suggestions and resources to visitors who are seeking self-improvement. They are currently focused on promoting suicide prevention in higher education institutions and secondary schools. They have an extensive collection of materials that help address young people’s common challenges.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is an organization that focuses on mental health issues.

NAMI is an organization dedicated to improving mental health by creating easily accessible facilities for treating mental illnesses. It actively works to combat the negative perception surrounding mental health and offers various resources and materials for self-help. In times of emergency, you can contact NAMI for assistance and find other related resources.

You can also locate a nearby NAMI branch if online assistance does not meet your requirements. NAMI welcomes individuals from various cultural backgrounds, as well as young people and veterans.

Final Thoughts


The process of taking care of one’s mental health can be challenging. At times, it may feel as though the odds are stacked against you and that no one is there to support you. However, it is important to remember that you are not defined by your thoughts alone, and you have the strength to overcome these difficulties. Do not hesitate to seek assistance and seek the help you require.

Simultaneously, you have the option to integrate self-help mental health resources with mindfulness and meditation exercises. These supplementary endeavors can enhance your overall well-being and disposition while assisting you in managing and handling stress. Here are a few commendable resources worth bookmarking:

  • Insight Meditation Center;
  • Stop, Breathe, & Think (app);
  • Calm (app); 
  • Meditation Oasis (podcast);
  • Meditation Minis (podcast); 
  • The Daily Meditation Podcast; 

Practicing mindfulness and meditation can be beneficial for staying focused and calming oneself during challenging situations. However, if you are feeling extremely overwhelmed and these techniques are not effective, it is always important to reach out to an emergency hotline for assistance.

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