The advent of the internet has done a lot of good to the academic world.

Students no longer have to depend solely on what is found in their text materials or what the lecturer teaches in class. With one click on your search engine, millions of online resources are made available, and students who maximize these free online resources are nothing short of flourishing in their academics.

Online educational resources refer to various digital materials that facilitate learning. With the evolution of the internet in educational technology, the importance of online resources can not be overemphasized in a student’s success.

Every student passionate about getting good grades would pay attention to lectures and utilize online resources to comprehend the particular subject better.

Below are a few ways online resources can contribute to students’ success in school.

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It makes learning more accessible to students:

It is no news that paying for private tutors or buying textbooks can be expensive. Before the advent of the internet, spending money restricted access to extra educational resources to only those who could afford to purchase or go to the library.

Today online resources are accessible and available to every student as long as they have a smartphone and an internet connection. Therefore, students can record more academic success as they now have access to many online materials.

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It is a one-on-one teaching system:

Unlike the contemporary classroom learning environment, online resources create a one-to-one style where the student feels closer to the teacher. For example, when listening to an educational podcast or watching a youtube tutorial video, the student feels more relative to the teacher. If students do not understand, they can easily playback the video or audio to better understand. Using online resources makes it easier to grasp more information. 

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It allows students to learn at their own pace:

Online resources are always available, so students don’t have to bother about missing a class or not understanding what the teacher is discussing. This means that you can study at your convenience.

While students struggle to get it right in the classroom, the information is always available online in written, audio, or video format. Furthermore, students can help their peers by making online material more accessible themselves. If they are trying to help out an exchange student not able to fully comprehend a video lecture, they can add subtitles to video with Happy Scribe’s software in a matter of minutes.

Students can learn at their own pace and convenience, enabling them to focus on what they find difficult. When students learn at their pace, success is guaranteed.

It gives room for assessment:

Assessment is a crucial part of learning that helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Many online resources allow students to test their knowledge by conducting tests. Students who carry out this test automatically know whether they are good at the subject or study more.

The assessment gives students instant feedback, letting them know their progress and capabilities. In this case, students can pay attention to their weaknesses and balance them with their strengths. 

It caters to different disciplines:

No matter your area of study, an online resource is available for you. The beauty of this is that you don’t even have to pay for it.

For example, if you are studying to be a nurse, various online resources could be helpful to your area of study, especially online resources by Osmosis. Osmosis has over 1800 video resources covering physiology, pathology, and clinical reasoning topics.

You can check them out during your study period. Other online resources are available for different disciplines; all you have to do is search online. The same applies to actually finding work after you have completed your studies. There are a raft of online resources which will let you pinpoint the perfect opportunities in your particular niche.

For instance, with reputable platforms like Medical Solutions, high-paying nursing jobs are just a few clicks away.

It saves time and money:

Since you have online resources available over the internet, you don’t have to bother wasting your time going to a library.

You would also save more money because you don’t have to buy as many textbooks as you usually buy.

Saving time also means you’re saving yourself the stress, and saving your money means that you could eat well and have a sound mind. A sound mind is ready for success, thanks to the availability of online resources.

It emulates different learning styles:

Different students have unique learning styles. There are five learning styles:

  1. Visual learning,
  2. Aural learning,
  3. Verbal learning, 
  4. Physical learning, 
  5. Logical learning

Online resources, however, emulate different learning styles, which would give students better comprehension and, in turn, create a successful student. Another important thing that students may do to help themselves in their future careers is to write a CV based on their background. This approach can be much facilitated if they use a professional cv template.

Students can also utilize widely available online services to better prepare themselves for their first interviews. For example, a young person with an IT education should thoroughly study interview questions for a programmer analyst. This way, they would be able to ace the interview and outperform peers that perhaps have more experience.


Every student who aims to be successful in their education can not only depend on what is being taught in the fore-walls of the classroom.

As a student who wants to be successful, you have to create a study schedule and utilize the limitless possibilities that online resources give you.

This article has shown how online resources contribute to students’ success. However, you can underestimate the link between online resources and students’ success.

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