You may be familiar with situations when your friends shout at you because you used their stories to get their attention without mentioning them. Acknowledgement in all mediums has always been necessary, especially when writing academic papers. Yet, most students are not well acquainted with referencing styles. Studies have shown that there has been an error rate of 25-54% in the accuracy of references in many scientific disciplines. 

As dissertations are important for all students, it is crucial to learn how to handle them correctly. Despite a moderate error rate, you need to ensure that your paper is perfect and can fetch perfect grades. You can always ask for a dissertation help london from websites like and learn how to write such papers. 

But before you Visit one such website , you must also know the basics. The following few sections will answer the main question, help you learn the factors, and share tips to choose the right references. 

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The Ideal Number of References in a 10,000-word Dissertation

The number of references in a dissertation depends on a lot of things. However, in a 10,000-word dissertation, the ideal number of references is expected to be around 45-50. You have to keep this in mind while writing such dissertations. 

As dissertations are one of the most important papers for students, it is necessary to understand all the aspects before you work on them. References play a major role in the entire paper, and you have to understand the referencing style before you start working on the papers. 

Students often go on using the maximum number of references without considering any of the factors. The need to understand the various things before you start working on your dissertation is crucial. 

The following section will take you through the factors determining the number of references in a dissertation. Understand the same and plan the dissertation accordingly. 

Factors Determining the Number of References

The number of references in a dissertation depends on a few factors. A proper understanding of these factors will help you define the number of references you use in a dissertation. Here’s a look at the factors: 

Research methodology

The way you research plays a crucial role in defining the number of references. Students are assigned various assignments and must choose an appropriate research methodology to find necessary information and justify the assignment. For instance, if you use a qualitative research methodology, you will focus on small samples and will not need many references. You have to understand the same before you work on the projects. 


A lot depends on the subject you are pursuing. A science dissertation will have more references than one in the humanities. Science demands a lot of research and evidence to prove a point. You will have to do a series of experiments to justify a science project, which is why the number of references is high in such papers. 


The scope of a dissertation plays a crucial role in determining the number of references. If the dissertation covers a broad range of topics, it will have more references. You need to understand the scope to determine the number of references necessary in your dissertation. 

Dissertation requirements

You have to look into the requirements before you decide on the number of references. The dissertation requirements are important in the entire process. You cannot follow the ideal number of references and ignore the dissertation requirements. The university will share the necessary instructions; students are expected to follow the same for better results. 

Now, that’s not all. You also need to know the tips to choose the right references and justify your project. The following section will take you through the tips to choose the right references.

Tips to Choose the Right References

You need to know how to select the right references to sail through the referencing process. Take a look at some of the expert tips to choose the right references: 

Choose credible sources

Your research will hold no value if you don’t choose credible sources. You need to find credible sources that readers will acknowledge. It is crucial to understand the right ways to find credible sources and understand the meaning of the same to overcome the odds. Consult with your professor or an expert to understand the same and justify the paper. 

Use current sources

Citing sources that are old will not serve the purpose. You need to check the date of publishing before you use information from any source. There are instances where students fail to score well in the papers because they don’t use information from current sources. You have to acknowledge the importance of current data and find information accordingly. 

Understand your audience

It is crucial to understand your audience when you select your references. If you are writing for people who are more into education, you need to find scholarly articles on the topic. The audience must relate to what you are saying. So, you have to find data that is relevant to the audience. It will help you justify the papers and help you score well in them. You must know what is best for your paper and choose your sources accordingly. 

There are a lot of things to understand while write my dissertation. You have to ensure that you have the best solution to score well in the papers. The need to find the right information is crucial in dissertations, and you have to be good with the research process. Referencing is a part of the process, and you have to start from the basics to ensure the paper is flawless. 

To end with,

It is important to understand the importance of references in dissertations. However, you will be unable to justify the paper if you are not well-versed with the steps or the ways to choose referencing. You need to know the best ways to refer to your sources and understand the referencing style to justify your work. The points mentioned above answer all the questions you might have. Consult with your professor and learn how to use proper referencing for better results.

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