The street lights follow me,

Are there cameras inside?

As they loom above,

In their triffid-like way,

Down the street,

I can’t get away.

Black cars everywhere,

Are they looking at me?

Hidden occupants,

Lurking beyond shadows,

Darkened windows,

Pointing invisible arrows.

Red surrounds me,

Behind me,

All around me,

Danger ahead!

Blood churning color,

A sign in my head.

How can I be free,

When all around,

Is after my soul?

A menacing glare,

Seals my fate,

I run in despair.

Panic, trapped!

In paranoid thoughts,

No peace,

No resting,

This delusional world,

Is so testing.

I close my eyes,

The threatening world,

The terror and pain,

Now I cannot see,

The delusional gaze,

That surrounds me.

The street lights,

Don’t follow me,

It’s just paranoia,

There’s no cameras inside,

It’s a distraction from life,

That eats me alive.

I open my eyes,

Now I can see,

The threatening world,

Is not threatening me,

It’s just paranoid delusions,

Following me.

I walk down the street,

Alone in my thoughts,

Passers by smile,

They have no clue,

To the truth that resides,

Within me and you.

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