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Painted Brain | Social Media
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Painted Brain

Painted Brain is an innovative peer-run mental health arts and tech organization that uses a peer model focused on recovery. Painted Brain defines a peer employee as any person with lived mental health challenges and or trauma including but not limited to: social injustice, interpersonal violence, societal exclusion. Painted Brain considers all of its’s employees as peers, where there is no separation from community members to clinicians to executives; all identify with having mental health challenges.
Painted Brain
Painted Brain5 months ago
Mental illness is very complex. It is very important to know about the signs and symptoms. 90% of those who lose their lives by suicide have an underlying mental illness. L
et’s be more mindful and kind❤️ 🎨

Great infographic by
Painted Brain
Painted Brain5 months ago
Seeking Submissions for Summer Spoken Word/Performance Art Fundraiser

Painted Brain is currently seeking submissions for a unique virtual performance experience like no other that will take place this summer.

We are looking for artists with lived experience in mental health challenges and/or physical/sensory challenges to share their stories of living during these unprecedented times. Spoken word artists, poets, musicians, singers, dancers, painters, photographers, artists from every single art form are encouraged to apply.

Artists will commit to attending a few online workshops prior to the performance.

All funds raised during the summer performance will benefit Painted Brain. For more information or to submit a work sample for consideration please email

We look forward to telling the story of our individual experiences together!
Painted Brain
Painted Brain5 months ago
How to and how not to support someone struggling with mental health issues:
Painted Brain
Painted Brain5 months ago
In case no one told you today. You are exceptional, you are gifted, you are beautiful, talented, and most importantly awesome.

Be proud of every step you are taking towards the fulfillment of your goals and dreams.
Painted Brain
Painted Brain5 months ago
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Painted Brain
Painted Brain5 months ago
Lack of motivation and energy is often a depression symptom. It feels almost aimless to pull out self-care exercises when you literally do not have the motivation or energy to get moving.

What is useful to get through those challenging day(s) is to surrender by doing small things that will get us through the next day. Most importantly, congratulate yourself for taking even the smallest of steps.

On certain days, it gets so bad that even getting out of bed becomes difficult, and taking a shower or cooking a meal becomes unbearably draining. Let’s face it, those days will hit, but I can be better prepared for them by doing these few things now.

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